Protection Policy

  1. Within one year from the date of purchase of this product, if the hardware of the product is damaged by non human negligence, Party B shall be responsible for providing free maintenance services (the complete set of consumable accessories such as the nozzle, ink bag, ink cartridge and ink pump is not covered by the warranty, and this machine will not be returned or replaced after being equipped with ink for non-standard customized equipment). If the product fails after the warranty period of more than one year from the date of purchase, Party B shall also provide maintenance services, but the cost of parts shall be charged according to the product failure.
  2. If it is a domestic user, it can be overhauled through QQ video and the necessary accessories can be delivered; If it is a foreign user, it shall be repaired through online video and delivered by express
  3. Accessories required. If on-site maintenance service is required, both parties shall make an appointment in advance, and Party B shall arrange staff to carry out on-site maintenance. All travel expenses shall be borne by Party A.
  4. The products to be repaired shall be properly packaged and transported by Party A and sent to Party B for maintenance; Party B will not be responsible for any damage or loss during the transportation.
  5. In case of any of the following items during the free warranty period, the Company may refuse the service or charge the material service fee at its discretion:
  • Failure or damage caused by improper use by users.
  • Failure caused by electric shock or improper installation.
  • Modify the circuit or design faults by yourself.