There is no need to make plates and print plates, this one-button printing hollow stamping machine will go to Guangzhou printing exhibition

Although the epidemic situation in foreign countries is still serious, it still can not stop the development of domestic printing economy. Guangzhou International Textile Printing Industry Technology Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Center on August 4th. As one of the top 10 printing brands in China, how could Tito Digital Technology miss this event? At that time, the domestic, overseas and marketing departments of Tetco will take the company's web celebrity machine offset digital stamping printing powder shake machine to participate in the exhibition, to bring high-quality and stable digital stamping solutions for printing enterprises. This international digital printing exhibition is expected to attract more than ten thousand printers from home and abroad, and more than 150 manufacturers will participate in the exhibition. The booth for Titor Digital Technologies is No. 1609.


In 2020 because of the outbreak, the end of February to return to work on March company is on track, but the company up and down together, in April to launch upgrade offset digital pyrograph printer 60 e2 shake powder machine, one-click hollow out print design, no PS, carving machine, engraving machine, simplify pyrograph process, also to improve the quality of the pyrograph. Eight to 12 squares can be printed in an hour, which is about 200 T-shirts. Caused a number of clothing industry and peers of great concern. Also brought a burst single period, in May broke through 100, now has been arranged to August.



This hot print printer is equipped with two 4720 nozzles, one white and one color, white color with high printing accuracy, beautiful color, high reduction degree, almost no color difference. Machine with ink automatic circulation system and automatic cleaning system, can effectively protect the sprinkler head, reduce the loss of sprinkler head. In this exhibition, there will be a major discount for on-site purchase. Welcome to booth No. 1609 to visit and guide.