Guangzhou printing exhibition, this kind of direct hollow print stamping printer will be on sale

Titor Digital will be carrying this year's BBB 0 machine

Offset thermal printing powder shaking machine 60E2

Participate in guangzhou international textile printing industry technology exhibition from August 4 to 6

This machine is a one-button hollow-out printing,

No lettering is required, one-stop printing,

Convenient and fast, and the printed patterns feel soft,

Tensile resistance to crack.

The purpose of this exhibition is to let more people in the industry know about this kind of machine and make efforts for the further development of China's printing industry. Under the epidemic situation, it is also for more entrepreneurs to explore more business opportunities.



In order to provide customers with a better solution for hot stamping, this offset printing powder shake machine of Tetor Digital innovates technology in many aspects, and solves the problems such as easy blockage of the film nozzle, complex printing system and insufficient heat stamping fastness.

1. In terms of configuration, this hot print printer is equipped with two 4720 nozzles, and on the basis of four-row ink cartridges, it is equipped with a white ink mixing ink circulation system, which solves the problem that many customers worry about the blocking of white ink nozzles caused by ink precipitation. At the same time, the design of the ink cartridge alarm device, the ink used up automatic alarm, to ensure that the ink can be replenished in time, continue to print.



  1. A six-stage baking system is designed. The printer is triple dried in the front, middle and back, and the printed pattern is then output to the powder shaking machine for pre-drying, heating and drying of hot melt powder.


  1. Professional printing software, Print_System_Net, developed by Tito Technology, has a simple operation interface, which is easy to learn and easy to understand. All beginners can learn to operate it quickly. Able to any color any complex pattern data analysis, transfer to the hot print printer for printing.


4, Tetuo technology powder shaking machine adopts guide belt transmission, convenient proofing, heating and drying integration, baking uniform, increase the fastness of the pattern.


The market prospect of this machine is broad. The printed hot print can be transferred to cotton fabric, nylon fabric, polyester fabric, PVC, EVA and other materials. T-Shirts, jeans, skirts, hats, shoes, and swimsuits can be customized with the appropriate press. It can print 8-12 square meters per hour, and about 200 T-shirts can be printed. The printed patterns have a dry and wet rubbing fastness of above grade 4, resistance to stretching and rubbing, and are breathable and skin-friendly.

Recently, this hot print printing powder machine will attend the Guangzhou printing exhibition from August 4th to 6th. There will be a lot of discounts for on-site purchase. Please don't miss the opportunity!