Catching the 618 live broadcast bus, Tao Tech digital hollow stamping printer became popular

Teto Technology 618 E-commerce live broadcast with goods is very good, was praised by Zhongshan Internet Application Innovation Association

2020, affected by the epidemic

There is a new trend in the e-business world

No e-commerce, no live streaming

The rise of live streaming for all

Let many traditional enterprises also in the change of thinking

Go live


 Zhongshan Tao Tech Digital Technology Co., Ltd

Focus on digital printing equipment for 14 years

Starting from the end of February this year

Formally started live broadcasting with goods on platforms such as Douyin

Little progress has been made

Since April, the platforms have averaged hundreds of customers a month

May has achieved a full month sales of 100 units

Sales revenue exceeded 5 million yuan

Also export a container to Thailand

We have been selling ten units a day in early June




6.18 National Carnival Shopping Festival

Titor digital technology launched

5, 000 yuan gift package to help broadcast the carnival activities

Launched their own BBB 0 offset bronzing powder shake machine

Attracting thousands of fans

It also attracted the Secretariat of Zhongshan Internet Application Innovation Association

Several leaders came to the scene to watch

And has been their strong praise and recognition




No carving, no hollowing, no waste discharge

Printing, shaking powder, heating, drying

Integrated efficient and quick production system

It is the main feature of this hot print powder shaking machine

In the live broadcast, the fans showed the technical process and application of offset bronzing powder shaking machine, as well as the characteristics of the machine equipment.

Find the pattern you like and enter it into the machine

Print the hollow pattern for two minutes.

Shake the powder for three minutes,

Hot stamping on clothes for one minute