With the development of crystal label, the choice of crystal label printers has become more and more. More types of crystal label printers have appeared in the market, not only with a single function crystal label printer, but also with a mini desktop crystal label printer that integrates printing and laminating, allowing users to have more choices in the purchase of crystal label printers.

The following is to introduce the A2 UV label printing and film covering all-in-one machine, which is very popular in the industry. Compared with the conventional crystal label printer, the A2 UV label printing and film covering all-in-one machine is more flexible, compact and convenient for transportation. Equipped with four high-precision nozzles, the printing speed can reach 3.5 ㎡ per hour. Printing and film covering can be carried out at the same time, which frees up manual labor. The crystal logo is formed in one, ready to use.
This device is very suitable for small personal studios and e-commerce businesses. Why? First, it is cost-effective. Compared with conventional large crystal label UV printers, this device has more affordable prices, lower investment costs, and lower risk of entrepreneurship. The 3.5 ㎡ per hour printing speed can fully cope with small batch of crystal label customization. This device is upgraded from the A3 UV label printer. Compared with the A3 UV label printer, it is faster, wider and has a very different price. It can be said that it is a crystal label printing device with high cost performance.
As the first manufacturer of this equipment, Taotech Digital has a complete production and processing department of crystal logo. Each equipment has been processed and produced in its own production and processing department for more than a month before its launch. It detects the order receiving ability of the equipment and various problems in operation, and strives for a more comprehensive upgrade in function and performance, and then it is launched to the market to fully protect the user’s crystal logo production needs.
The A2 crystal logo printing and film covering all-in-one machine of Taotech Digital, which can expand the printing width to 42cm, and the speed can reach 3.5 m2/h, is efficient and high-speed, and can meet orders of all sizes; Equipped with four high-precision Epson brand nozzles, the six color high fidelity printing has high saturation; Printing and film covering are formed in one, which is ready to use and free of labor; It supports special processes such as gold stamping, silver stamping, color illusion, laser, etc. to meet the requirements of various orders. A small crystal production line can be formed with only one equipment.

The application of crystal logo in daily life is becoming more and more popular, and the market development prospect is very promising. The A2 crystal logo printing and film covering all-in-one machine of Taotech Digital allows entrepreneurs to enter the crystal logo customization market at the lowest cost, and they can start to receive crystal logo orders just by matching the necessary consumables. The profit return rate is high. Taotech Digital provides a comprehensive and perfect crystal logo printing scheme and professional after-sales service throughout the process, Let users free themselves from worries. Welcome customers who have ideas and needs to come to the Taotech Digital Equipment Exhibition Hall to learn about the operation of the equipment on the spot and start the business of Crystal Logo!