Crystal label is a decorative process of printing various patterns by stacking layers of glue, white ink, varnish, etc. on release paper and then covering the transfer film, and then using the transfer film to bring up the pattern and transfer it to the surface of the item. The appearance of three-dimensional transparent shape like crystal, and therefore named crystal label. The crystal label is easy to use and convenient for packaging materials such as boxes, tea cans, paper cups, notebooks, ceramics, metals, etc. It perfectly solves the vacancy of printing irregular shapes and breaks through the restriction that patterns can only be printed on flat surfaces.

The advantages of crystal label features.

  1. exquisite appearance and atmosphere, the surface three-dimensional sense of gloss is very strong, can effectively enhance the exquisite degree of the goods and added value.
  2. Scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, waterproof and sun-resistant, the longer the adhesion, not warping and not falling off.
  3. easy to use, without the use of any equipment tools, a paste a tear can be easily transferred.
  4. can be transferred to a variety of materials, acrylic board, PVC board, KT board, steel, iron, aluminum, glass, marble and other materials can be transferred.
  5. Wide range of applications, applicable to all walks of life.
  6. Unlimited order quantity, one can print, effectively reduce the cost of personalization

Taotech digital UV crystal label printer

  1. Original negative pressure constant temperature ink circuit, heating the ink capsule to prevent flying ink, broken ink, reduce the sensitivity of UV ink to temperature, summer and winter without shutdown.
  2. direct glue spray, coil printing, higher efficiency.
  3. Configuration of separate light oil UV lamp, light oil printing effect is brighter.
  4. mold integration large platform, printing more stable and smooth.
    5.1.8 liter large capacity alarm ink barrel, timely replenishment of ink, improve efficiency.
  5. world-renowned Hansen system with the original negative pressure constant temperature ink circuit system, efficient and stable.
  6. Unlimited colors, hot stamping and silver can be printed.

Taotech digital A3 crystal label printer
Desktop compact crystal label printer, print width 30CM, speed 2m²/h, accuracy up to 1440dpi, equipped with self-developed board, stable system, smooth printing.

  1. small footprint, easy transportation and high cost performance.
  2. wide range of applications, de-filming and character retention, high efficiency of personalization.
  3. using V540 printhead, ten years of research and development applications, stable and smooth printing.
  4. nozzle installed with the machine shipped, a key to enable, convenient and fast.
  5. Small investment, high return, half a month can pay back.