Personalized customization, also have to see this offset printing powder shake machine

2021/3/17 14:42:31

Clothing stamping is a very popular clothing printing technology in recent years. It is different from other digital printing. It can be used on all kinds of fabrics without material restrictions.


Now there are two kinds of hot stamping printers on the market. One is a separate machine for spray engraving. This machine is separated from printing and cutting.

The other one is Roland VS-300i jet engraving machine, which is more used by many people. This machine is integrated with printing and cutting, and will automatically cut after printing. All the work is done by the machine, which greatly reduces the labor cost and can save 30% of the material loss.

However, the price of this Roland machine is on the high side, and the investment cost is a little high for ordinary small cost start-up businesses. Fortunately, this year there is a kind of offset stamping printing powder machine, one key can print hollow stamping, only need a set of stamping printer powder machine can print any pattern you want. For example, the fire of the 60E2 thermography printing powder shaking machine of Taituo digital.