Manufacture direct sale, this hollow-out hot print printer will participate in the dippeth international advertising exhibition

2021/3/17 13:37:06
September 12 - September 14, 2020

The 23rd DPS Guangzhou International Advertising Fair

It will be held at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center

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Tetop will be shown at D35, Hall 4, 2nd floor

And to bring the offset type digital hot print powder shaking machine


Influenced by the epidemic this year, in order to prevent the epidemic safety, many exhibitions have been postponed, but with the recovery of the domestic economy, the September advertising exhibition will surely ushered in a small climax of the outbreak. It is reported that this year's guangzhou international advertising exhibition, several high-quality high-speed printing machine manufacturers went to guangzhou to participate in the exhibition, such as tietuo technology. And this time, Tietuo Technology will bring its new product of "web celebrity" -- offset hot stamping and printing powder shaking machine to show at booth D35, Hall 4, 2nd floor.


Hollow out printing, one-stop output

No need to engrave, hollow out, lettering

Save the matting, film, lettering and other procedures

Save machine cost, time cost and labor cost

It is in line with the needs of customers who need small orders and quick return, such as e-commerce, small studios and personal entrepreneurship.

One set of printing and shaking powder machine and one pressing machine can realize the rapid output of personalized products immediately.


In this exhibition, Tetop Technology also prepared exquisite small gifts. Those who see the machine at the scene can get our finished film for free to try it out. On September 12, we will be there or not!