Does your offset print printer have a lack of ink device

2021/3/17 15:12:22

When the digital printer is working, the most important thing is the ink system. How to ensure the smooth operation of the ink system is a problem that each jet printing equipment manufacturer must consider.



Like the fire this year's extension of the digital offset pyrograph printer, shake powder machine research and development of technical personnel when the design considered the problem, sometimes the ink system appear problem, often due to lack of ink, but didn't find the machine, for a long time will lead to the lack of ink printing plants, but also bring some harm to shower.


Therefore, the research and development door of tietop digital specially designed the ink alarm device for this hot print printer. As long as the ink of any one color is short of ink, it will automatically alarm until the ink is added. Can remind the staff to add ink in time. So as to ensure the smooth operation of the ink system.